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Termites play an important ecological role in our natural environment and it is highly appreciated; however, when the termites are in our domestic environment, they are the most unwelcome guests. Why? Termites cause for a significant damage, harm to the wooden structures in our buildings which includes the timber in the roof, ceiling, window and door frames and our valuable structures such as wooden racks, pantry cupboards, door panels, wooden staircase.What we can do about it? Well, if you are constructing a new home/ building, simply follow all the precautions to keep the termites away, followed by an application of pre-construction termite treatment. As a professional and qualified termite treatment team, “Pest Solutions” certainly can help you at this point. Application of pre- construction termite treatment is a worthy investment and it is a decision that you make in your life that you will never regret. So, don’t wait and act now. What you should do? It is recommended to hire a professional termite treatment team to get a careful inspection of the site and make an assessment of the termite problem. Then you could decide on the best method of termite treatment. “Pest Solutions” always willing to help you in assessment of the termite problem and in conducting both pre-construction termite treatment and post construction termite treatment, which ever applies to you. Call us at any time and we are ready to discuss with you and help in all possible ways.

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We pest solutions , Provide Professional Pest Control service specially to the construction industry where termite proofing of buildings is of paramount importance as termites are highly destructive and cause costly damage to the timber work of building as well as the structure.

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Pest Solutions Liquid chemical barrier is one of the safest and most effective solutions to protect your home /building from the destruction of termites.to give our customers to greater assurance ,We warrant the effectiveness our termite treatments both (Pre and Post)

Pre & Post Construction Anti Termite Soil Treatments with Warranty

Anti Termite Treatment In Foundation- Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment is a Process in Which Chemical Is Applied to foundation in the building in early stages of its construction. The Purpose of Anti Termite Treatment is to Protect The building with a Chemical Barrier against the subterranean Termites………….

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We undertake anti termite soil treatment prior to construction of building and post construction treatment to protect property from the damage caused by termites

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