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More About Pest Solutions.

Pest Solutions is a professional Pest Control organization approved by the Registrar of Pesticides in Sri Lanka with over 17 years of experience in domestic & industrial pest control. We implement the widely accepted scientific approach to manage the populations of pests such as Rats, Cockroaches, Ants, Flies, Mosquitoes, Termites etc. Safety of inhabitants, safety of workers and environmental safety are of our great concerns; therefore, we use only recommended household pesticides that are approved by the World Health Organization as well as the Registrar of Pesticides in Sri Lanka.
Our technical team headed by a consultant, has years of experience in applying the pesticides and well trained on handling application equipments; therefore, unnecessary contaminations are very unlikely. We are proud to announce that our Company is backed by the most experienced technical staff in the pest control sphere in Sri Lanka. We are geared with up to date modern equipments and best quality pesticides supplied by reputed companies and are prepared to attend to any pest control problem at short notice.
Our services include the control of pests in Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Establishments, Hospitals, Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Residences etc. We undertake Anti Termite soil treatment at pre and post construction of buildings.


Be the best pest control service provider in the western province by achieving excellence in domestic and industrial pest control.


Strive to provide an excellent service in domestic and industrial pest control through efficient and safe use of high quality products with well trained staff, ensuring the safety of human and environmental health for competitive market price.


Being a locally owned and operated company, our success is not based solely on eliminating pests but by the way we provide that service. We want to provide you with the information you need to make a good choice and want our help. We will never pressure you with slick talk or scare you into more than you may really need. Simply, we want to give you a reason to buy from us, but never be sold. We are also stewards of the environment: no matter how badly you want to be rid of your problem, our approach must use environmentally sound practices to ensure your safety.